Great Powder on Sunday

By Tim Roberts Mar 4, 2008

Sunday was another awesome day in the Wasatch. All it took was a foot of snow to freshen things up and it was game on. We decided it was time for my beautiful wife to get out there and make some powder turns, so we packed up the kid and headed to Solitude. Now, my wife is more of a sunny day groomer type of rider. If Deer Valley allowed snowboarders, she would love that place. But, whenever she's in the mood for it I love to watch her rip up some powder and Solitude was the perfect location for it.

When we got to the mouth of the Canyon is was obvious that Little Cottonwood Canyon was closed. The line of cars stretched back to the 7-11. Not a good sign for Big Cottonwood as a lot of the people who would normally be headed up to Alta or Snowbird instead bust left up Big Cottonwood when they see the line of cars. Sure enough, when we got to Solitude, both lots were already full at 9:30. With my extensive knowledge of Utah resort parking spots, I was able to "manufacture" a parking spot right in front of the moonbeam lodge.

We dropped off Max Power, our 2 year old, at the day care and we headed straight for the Summit chair. After a few laps on Summit, we dropped into Honeycomb where my wife was slashing with the best of them. Even with a record crowd at "So Lit Dude" there was plenty of pow and wide open spaces for us to shred. After a couple of more laps with some friends on Eagle Express it was time for lunch. We cruised over to the Thirsty Squirrel to avoid the crowds wash back some nachos and wings with a couple of Sierra's (real healthy I know).

Tiffin decided she'd had enough for one day and she went and picked up Max and headed down the Canyon. Meanwhile, I can never get enough s I hooked up with my buddy Ben and we did a couple of hikes up Evergreen Peak and found plenty of fresh lines inside and out of bounds. Good fun. More snow is in store. Get out there and make the most of it. It's going to be summer before too long.