Guide to Mountain Biking at Deer Valley Resort

By Local Lexi Jun 14, 2022
Deer Valley has one of the most robust mountain bike parks in Utah and there is no shortage of downhill trails, berms and freeride features.
Guide to Mountain Biking at Deer Valley Resort

The Best Mountain Biking Trails at Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort offers one of the most robust bike parks in Utah and beyond with over 70 miles of trails for mountain biking and daily lift-served access throughout the summer and early fall months. Defy gravity on any number of Deer Valley's flow trails designed and built by Gravity Logic, the folks that constructed the Whistler Bike Park up in Canada. The resort offers 3,000 vertical feet of elevation change and three chairlifts for bikers, hikers and sightseers. A handful of Deer Valley's bike trails link up with an additional 450 miles of singletrack in and around the town of Park City, an IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Gold Level Ride Center.


Summer at Deer Valley
Deer Valley hums back to life in the summer as soon as all the snow melts, typically from mid-June through September. The lively summer scene at Deer Valley ensures respite from boredom all summer with concerts, fine dining, events, guided hiking, paddleboarding, scenic chairlift rides and more. Don't miss the many dining options like Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley Grocery Cafe, and The Brass Tag which feature local flavors, inspired cuisine and casual dining in the beautiful mountain atmosphere. 



Mountain Bike Rentals & Clinics at Deer Valley

Deer Valley offers a robust selection of rentals, lessons and guided tours. Guests can head to the Snow Park Lodge or Silver Lake Village to pick up equipment rentals and sign waivers. Protective gear and a variety of different bikes are available for rent for children and adults. A reservation is recommended if you plan to visit Deer Valley on the weekend in order to guarantee the availability of rental gear. Rental options include: 
  • Downhill mountain bikes
  • E-bikes (only permitted on authorized trails)
  • Enduro mountain bikes
  • Children's mountain bikes
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Protective Gear (arm & knee pads)


Thanks to its abundant trail options, Deer Valley is a wonderful place to progress and build up your bike skills. Bagging lap after lap will increase confidence as you begin to navigate and tackle more and more features. The resort offers a number of lessons and clinics targeted to teach beginners solid foundations with more technical skills and nuanced maneuvers for intermediate and advanced riders. Check Deer Valley's website for the current lesson and clinic offerings, schedules and prices. A few options include:

  • Private bike lessons
  • Adult afternoon beginner package
  • Kid afternoon beginner package
  • Tuesday Twilight Clinics
  • Clinics
  • E-Bike lessons


Pricing & Hours

Deer Valley's bike park is served by three chairlifts, Silver Lake Express at the base of the resort near Park City and Sterling Express and Homestake Express, both located at mid-Mountain with the most access to trails. Summer operations typically kick off mid-June and wrap up in September with a few weekends-only in late to mid-September. Deer Valley is one of the few resorts in Utah that operates its bike park daily from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. Take advantage of Twilight Tuesdays where the lifts spin for an evening session from 4 to 8 p.m. 

Ticket pricing fluctuates, so check Deer Valley's website to view rates and complete a purchase. Tickets are offered for hiking and scenic lift tickets for a single ride or all-day pass. Bike haul tickets are offered in full-day formats or for four hours on Twilight Tuesdays from 4 to 8 p.m. 


Deer Valley has a huge number of mountain bike trails so we can't name them all here but these are the trails that come highly recommended. Don't hesitate to stop into the bike shops at Silver Lake Village or Snow Park to seek trail advice and learn about current trail conditions. 


Great for beginners, Holy Roller is a solid introduction to flow trails and ideal for bike park first-timers. Keep an eye out for slower riders and remember that the downhill rider has the right of way. Holy Roller drops from the top of Bald Mountain and meanders around an open bowl, carves gently through aspen groves, and provides a 4.2 mile descent back to the Silver Lake Village. Expect to find gentler berms and switchbacks as well as the opportunity to cruise along wide, perfectly sculpted trails. 

After a lap or two on Holy Roller or Deer Camp, step it up to Tidal Wave and ride the big berms and rolling ramps. With over 50 jumps, gravity enthusiasts can catch some air, though all features can be easily rolled. Tidal Wave feels like a giant, never-ending dirt roller coaster! 

Grab Holy Roller from the top of Bald Mountain to locate Naildriver, a 2.5 mile trail that is rated intermediate with panoramic views. 



This expert-rated trail is accessed from the top of Homestake Express via the Four Point intermediate trail. The current of Undertow will take you back to the Snow Park base area with a suite of big berms, rollers and additional features. 

Take Tidal Wave and grab expert-rated Twist and Shout from the big junction. It'll bob and weave through aspen groves with tight turns and daring switchbacks. 

If you want your bike to definitely leave the ground, then head for expert-rated Tsunami via the junction lower on Tidal Wave. This trail is meant to be devoured at high speed with large jumps, berms and wood features. 


True experts will want to test their chops on the extreme-rated Fire Swamp, a state championship downhill course. Deer Valley strongly recommends pads and a big downhill bike for this challenging trail!

In addition to all the downhill mountain bike trails accessed by lift, Deer Valley boasts a ton of multi-use and bi-directional trails accessible from either Silver Lake Village or the Snow Park base area. Here is a sampling of the best trails, but don't hesitate to connect with a friendly Deer Valley employee for more information or current trail conditions. 

For easy cruising or beginners, the Lakeside Trails at the Snow Park base are just north of the main parking lots. Tootle around the small ponds and lakes on a paved path to enjoy the scenes around Deer Valley's main base operations. 

One of Park City's finest connector trails, the Mid Mountain Trail is an intermediate-rated single-track multi-use trail that traverses both Deer Valley and Park City Mountain in over 20 miles of trail. Wind through stands of evergreen, aspen glades and soak up stunning views of the surrounding Park City town. This is a great option for those who want to link up longer rides with the trail network over on Park City Mountain. From Deer Valley, it can be ridden as an out-and-back or you could set up a shuttle. 


Grab Road to Ruby via the Mid Mountain Trail to tour the trails in the Empire Canyon zone. This cross-country trail features berms, jumps and rollers with a fairly easy climb to gain elevation and access to the trails on Flagstaff Mountain. 

A classic ride named after an annual autumn race in costumes, Tour Des Suds can be accessed from either Flagstaff Mountain or the Mid Mountain trail. It's an old-school trail that encircles Flagstaff Mountain, dips through lush groves of forests and provides a variety of obstacles like roots and rocks.

Expert riders will want to bag T.G., one of the most difficult trails within Deer Valley proper. Expect beautiful views, rocks, drops and hair-raising switchbacks. 

More Trails Near Deer Valley
You could spend an entire month in Park City and never ride the same trail twice thanks to its extensive network of trails covering over 450 miles! The beauty of riding at Deer Valley is you can hop on the Mid Mountain Trail and access a plethora of additional multi-use trails.

This is a great early-season trail as its aspect means it is one of the first to melt out each spring. It can be pretty punishing on a hot summer day, so be strategic about when you ride! Ride this loop counterclockwise and use Snowtop to climb, it is arduous with many switchbacks but Solamere will be a worthy descent. These trails can be ridden in either direction but the descent down Snowtop's steep switchbacks is indeed a challenge. 

This trail meanders along the 9,000-foot contour line around Empire Pass above Deer Valley along the ridge above the fearsome Daly Chutes and Empire Bowl. The scenery is majestic and this trail offers expert riders the option to dip into the demanding Black Forest Trail or strong intermediate riders can use it as an 11-mile out-and-back. 

IMBA has created a short list of rides across the globe considered to be 'epic' and Park City is the proud home of one of these revered trails. Epics are at least 20 miles in length of technically challenging singletrack in remote settings. The Park City IMBA Epic is 23 miles in length with massive ascents and plenty of climbing. It links together Park City classics like Spiro, Armstrong, the amazing Wasatch Crest Trail, The Crest Connector, the Mid Mountain Trail and Ambush. This is not a ride for everyone!