Heading to Snowbird- #6

By Kendall Jan 13, 2009

Whew! It's not even lunch time and we are on our way to resort number six. So far our team has skied at Brian Head, Sundance, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons. Mother Nature is definitely cooperating, as we are enjoying beautiful bluebird skies and dry roads.

So, let's chat about why on earth we are trying to ski every Utah resort in one day:


In the 2003-04 season Ski Utah and a team of skiers skied 11 of the state's resorts in order to demonstrate the destination's incredible access. However no one, until today, has skied every resort in a single day.

So here we are, a crazy group joined by our love of skiing and the desire to break a record.


Jake Bogoch, Editor of Skiing MagazineAdam Barker, Photographer

Amy Anderson, Co-host of Park City Television
Andy Bauman- Park City Television Cameraman
Brian Schott- Freelance writer
Ravell Call- Deseret Morning News Reporter
Kendall Card- Ski Utah Blogger
Bill Weidner- Ski Utah Member and Snow Junkie
Jessica Kunzer- Ski Utah Communications Director
Chris Pearson- *Driver Extrordinaire

*Chris Pearson has perhaps the most important job on the team. He is tasked with driving us safely to every resort. He keeps us on task and on time. Hats off to Piercey!