Hitting the Spa at Sundance...with kids!

By Mountain Mama Nov 14, 2011
With Sundance being a great destination tucked up in Provo Canyon...you may never want to leave. So after skiing, eating, soaking up the scenery, what's next? How about the Art Shack and the Spa? You can bring kids as young as 3!
Hitting the Spa at Sundance...with kids!

It is week three of The Great Snow Escape and this week, we headed to Sundance.  The great part of the series is that you don't have to look at my shaky video, it's actually shot by real photographers!  When we were sent to Sundance, I wondered how kid friendly it would be.  Well....was I surprised!  You Moms out there know what I'm talking about when I say, there is little time for pampering in your life.  There is always someone on your tail saying "mama, mama..."  It was great to realize, I could go to a spa...with kids!  A great experience for both of us and believe it or not...relaxing. 

There is also the Art Shack.  Now, that is something the whole family could do.  From print making to pottery to jewlery.

So, with the help of my photographer and KSL, enjoy the story and let me know if you've ever done something like this with your little ones!  Check this out...