Holiday fun at the resorts

By Mountain Mama Jan 3, 2012
Santa, Rudolph, the Alpine Coaster and parades. Holiday fun from Snowbird to Park City. We have lots of our own traditions to share!
Holiday fun at the resorts

When the kids were born, we decided to come up with our own traditions during the holidays as most families do.  We added a couple more this year!

Every Christmas Eve, several resorts host a torchlight parade and fireworks.  Alta has always hosted a great New Year's Eve fireworks celebration which unfortunately we didn't make it to this year.  We have also in the past skied at Alta on Christmas Eve and then headed to Snowbird for the fireworks. Sniff, sniff as I look back as how big the kids are.  Just 2 years ago, Emily was on the magic carpet, now she's hit the big time with her lessons at Snowbird.

This year, we took it easy on Christmas Eve during the day and then headed to Snowbird for the torchlight parade and fireworks which is our 3rd or 4th year of doing.  The weather was mild for December standards, so when we arrived, there were a lot more people than previous years.  The plaza is set up with firepits, free hot chocolate and holiday cheer.  At 6 PM, the parade starts with the ski patrol and instructors heading down the mountain with torches.  Once they finish, the fireworks start.  The finale is watching the tram head down with lo and behold...Santa and the reindeer on the top!  The tram stops before it gets to the bottom, and Santa repels down from the bottom of the tram.  It's always a treat watching kids race to Santa to get their candy cane and give Santa a squeeze before he heads out on his journey around the world.  We have learned that if you stand back, there is plenty of time for the kids to slide down the hill "like a penguin" as Emily says.  I've included several pictures of this.  You'll see Emily's penguin in the photos which has probably more frequent flier miles and has seen more of the world than most people. 

Park City has their own torchlight parade.  Which leads me to activity #2 and 3.  There was an electric light parade on main street Park City the week before Christmas.  I'm thinking...OK, Disney World in winter.  Well, not quite. But, the kids had fun and there were cool cars all decorated up with Santa on the roof.  In Brennans words.."that was a strange parade".  From the mouth of babes.

With the holidays comes visitors.  My Mother in Law and Mother.  Yes, it was fine; in fact we had a lot of fun.  My Mother is what you'd call..timid.  So, when I suggested we go up to the Alpine Coaster at Park City, there was panic and fear in her eyes.  Granted she's not 30 anymore, but it's not that scary.  Being the loving daughter that I am, I made her and my Mother in law go.  A big thank you to the patience of the coaster guys.  If you have not been on a coaster, this is the one for you.  It runs in the summer and winter.  I would highly suggest taking an hour break from your skiing and check it out.  It runs in the afternoon hours.  There is nothing more fun than sitting back and relaxing as you are pulled up the mountain on a track and then "flying" down the track throught the snow to the bottom.  Yes, your little ones can go, but they need to be a passenger with Mom or Dad.  There are 2 seats, so you put them in front of you and buckle up.  I let Mom go in front of me.  Let's just say me and about 6 cars behind me had an extended stay at the top of the mountain while Mom made her way all the way down.  I guess that's one way to have the track to yourself.  In order to avoid hitting her car, we waited.  See...never too old or too young to have fun at the resorts even if you don't ski!  Another option at PCMR is the Flying Eagle Zip Line.  After all the coaster excitement, we decided to not push our luck on this one.  Kids do need to be a 54" to ride, so little guys will have to sit this one out.  Check out the many other activities at PCMR.  More on these as we get into the winter.

As far as the skiing and the weather...working on it.  Been a strange season so far for the country with snow and an unusual winter pattern.  The resorts have been making snow for months so definitely OK.  Mother Nature, well as a Meteorologist, I've got a direct phone number.  I've got calls in and I think the high pressure is finally giving up the fight.  Come out and see us and let me know what your favorite Christmas traditions are about!

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