Holy Bowly 2014

By Park Rat Tom Apr 19, 2014
An International Gathering Of Creativity & Flow
Holy Bowly 2014

If you've been to Park City Mountain Resort within the last week or so, you might have noticed something a little different while pulling into the parking lot. What you're looking at is one of the most anticipated non-competitive snowboard events in history. Mervin Manufacturing (Lib Tech/Gnu Snowboards) is proud to present The Holy Bowly's 1st North American debut right here in Park City, Utah. The course consists of one large main bowl connected by several snake runs and bmx style jumps. No rails, no straight lines... this event is all about progressing the sport of snowboarding in terms of style, creativity & flow. It's truly amazing to watch one of the most diverse groups of professional snowboarders ever put together ride this course. 

"After two amazing years in Japan, I'm really stoked to team up with Jeremy Cooper and his crew at Park City and take this to a whole other level!" - Krush Kulesza Event Creator/Global Events Manager for Mervin Mfg.


Saturday, April 19

11am - Jam Session. Note that Registration is full for Saturday, but you should really go up and watch anyway. Everyone you've ever seen in a snowboard video from the past 20 years will be there. 

Sunday, April 20

Holy Bowly Course is open to all, snowboarders & skiiers alike. Have at it kids, take advantage of riding one of the most creative setups in history!


Hope to see you out there,