How do seniors kick up their heels during Spring Break?

By Yeti Mar 20, 2013
You’d be surprised. Some kick them up. Some dig them in.
How do seniors kick up their heels during Spring Break?


By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal.

Spring Break. Some seniors love it. Some dread it. But one thing is clear. Spring Break brings a migration of skiers and riders to Utah’s slopes. It also kicks off a migration of seniors to unusual places both on and off the slopes.

I asked a bunch of my skiing senior friends for their plans during Spring Break. And I got a tumult of answers.

Some seniors relish the holiday period.

“It’s tailgate time for me,” said Everett. I’ll picnic in the parking lot with my grill and cooler. You meet a lot of people that way when the smell the burgers cooking.”

“Spring Break is when grandparents ski with their out of state grandkids who come to visit,” said Karen, a ski instructor.

“It means more mid-week skiers. I love talking with strangers on chairlifts and finding where they’re from,” said Sue.

“I track how many states they’re from,” said husband Jim.

Some seniors, wary of the onslaught of break-goers, have their own Spring Break techniques.

“We’ll head for the trees,” said Marilyn and Tom, “but we’ll flip a coin to decide where to go – and hope we pick a resort that might be less crowded.”

“We’ll get off the slopes altogether and spend more time volunteering at the Humane Society animal shelter,” said Mary and her husband Lee.

Seniors who still work plan their business life around Spring Break.

“I’m off to Beijing for some business talks,” said Marcel.

“I have a condo in Park City and I come to ski every month,” said Australian executive Jon. “But Spring Break? I’ll concentrate on business at home.”

One senior was in total denial about Spring Break.

“Nobody will come for Spring Break this year because last winter wasn’t stellar. I’ll just ski as usual,” said Bill.

A few seniors just throw up their hands and give in to Spring Break.

Shopping! We’ll all go shopping together. Malls will be less popular than the slopes, said a group of senior women.

“Spring Break? All those kids! Oh, gawwwwd,” said Paul, who skis every day of the season no matter what the weather or the conditions. “But I’ll even ski during Spring Break.”

Harriet Wallis is a senior skier who will ski right through Spring Break.