How Many Steps to the Alta Lodge?

By Kendall Nov 22, 2007
How Many Steps to the Alta Lodge?

altalodge_oldphoto (altalodge_oldphoto)If you've ever been to the Alta Lodge there are three things you'll likely not forget.

  1. The character wooden steps that descend from the main road in a seemingly never ending drop to the lodge, adorned with ski images of years gone by. It's almost reminiscent of going down a mine shaft of Alta's glory years.
  2. The aged lobby that gave you the feeling that you just went back in time a couple of decades but that you're "home"
  3. The proximity to and the views of Alta's famous run High Rustler.

Built in 1939 the Alta Lodge has long been a favorite for skiers headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon. As you descend the steps from the road the sides of the tunnel walls are lined with photos of long ago powder days and even one very old image of the lodge itself. altalodge_lobby (altalodge_lobby) There's no doubt that this is a skiers lodge, not a destination 5 star hotel for the rich and famous. It's a cool place to be weather during the winter or the summer.

New for this season skiers will be entering an entirely remodeled lobby and deck room. The new look and feel reminded me of a swanky boutique hotel at Squaw Valley that I stayed at a few years back. It's very comfortable and definitely more of a modern feel. The front desk looks more up scale boutique than a skiers lodge, but it's still run and operated by people with a passion for skiing. You can see it in their eyes.

Next time you're up Little Cottonwood Canyon, be sure to check out the Alta Lodge.


We're giving away lunch for two to the Alta Lodge (I didn't mention that they have a great restaurant) for the first person who can comment with the correct number of steps that you must go down to get from the road to the entry of the Alta Lodge. Good luck.

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