How to Plan a Financially Stress Free Trip with Qube Money

By Adventure Mom Jan 5, 2021
Enjoy your ski vacation by taking the financial stress out of it with Qube Money.
How to Plan a Financially Stress Free Trip with Qube Money

There is joy and excitement that comes from planning a family ski trip. Visions of long powder-filled ski days and cozy snuggled evenings by the fire, sipping hot chocolate (or your beverage of choice), while the snow falls outdoors.

Right off the bat, getting into the details and reservations while planning a ski trip may feel financially and logistically overwhelming. One way to organize the finances of a trip is by having a pre-established budget. This budget can alleviate stress and negativity around expenses that arise during the trip. Establishing an overall budget for the entire trip can provide a target to work toward with the reward of taking the trip as a wonderful goal to achieve. Segmenting your trip into expenses and extras/luxuries helps too. Consider adding fun activities that you might not typically do like luge, bobsled, ski jump, swimming in the crater or going on a sleigh ride. 


In the past, I have often felt overwhelmed in planning a ski trip and not knowing where the money was coming from or even where to start budgeting. For the last year, my husband and I have been working to change our approach around money and started using Qube Money to help us. In prior years, we would avoid conversations related to our finances; it was too confusing and stressful. 

Now, having a new awareness of money has allowed us to rethink our money mindset by identifying blocks and implementing tools and strategies to overcome the hurdles of our past. We are now on our way to becoming financially abundant. We are thrilled for the new mindset, tools, and strategies that will provide us a way to improve our entire family's relationship with money. 



Qube Money is an all-digital banking and budgeting system with a cash envelope method at its core. This cashless envelope system app makes managing your money and sticking to a budget, effective and easy. Qube allows you to allocate funds and budget for your ski trip by creating new savings goals called qubes which you can use for travel, hotels, dining out, groceries, ski passes and lessons, souvenirs, gear, spas and shopping.


Create your free Qube Money account here:

  1. Create an account 

  2. Deposit money

  3. Split your money into qubes

  4. Spend from qubes

  5. Budget and bank in real-time

For example, if you want to add “Lodging” to your budget, start by using the Ski Utah Trip Planner to get an estimate on what your lodging will cost. Using the Qube Money app, create a new qube for the trip and then click on “Budget Plan” to set it up. You enter the amount of money to move to the Budget plan and when the money will be taken out (1st of Every Month). After you set up the budget plan, you are set! Now you can start sub-categories within that qube.

One of the things that I love about Qube Money is it works as a family system. Soon, Qube will release kids cards so that each kid can have their own Qube card. I was able to test drive this new feature before release and was able to allocate funds from their allowance and birthday money so that they can buy their own trip souvenirs and eat out for lunch. It teaches them saving and budgeting skills as well as the power of financial freedom and discipline.


I feel like before we started using Qube Money, our kids would always want something at every gas station that we would stop at. I had an estimated budget of what they would get for each trip, but it would quickly add up. Using Qube has allowed me to say, “You have $20 for your souvenirs for the trip. Is this really what you want to spend it on?” Then they get a moment to think about it and often will choose to wait and find something they really want. For our oldest, he would rather save up his money from trips and get a GoPro or ski gear instead of 10 small things at the ski lodge.

Using a system that allows for financial flexibility and accountability has made me much more aware of my spending. But it’s also taken away that sinking feeling when we get to our destination of “did we save enough to pay for this and really enjoy ourselves?” It allows a shift in mindset from anxiety and worries to being present with my family.

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