How To: Pursue Your Passion

By Powderhound Cat Apr 1, 2014
For the second year running, I take a much needed mental health break. How to decide if you need one too.
How To: Pursue Your Passion

It happened again. It snowed and I watched it and I had to have it. Thanks to the absolutely lovely employer of mine, I recieved permission to work around the job part of life to enjoy the first chair part of life.

Sadly I was skiing Alta for the first time this year. Life sure has changed. Not sadly, however, I got up there quick and easy - what a difference a weekday spring storm brings! No stress or traffic or snow on the road. Score, score aaaaaand...score.

The snow was exceptional. The sun was shining, the wahoos were everywhere. I love a yelp from the chairlift of someone being stoked for your turns. And yelping for someone else's turns.

My suggestion is you don't forget why you live here. I made it to work by noon. Sure my legs were Jello; I knew I only had the morning so I skied as fast and as furious as...well, Fast and Furious. 

A few more spring tips:

 *There's 5 more chances for you to night ski at Brighton. You HAVE TO GO. I went Friday and woah - after daylight savings it's basically still day skiing. They should call it dusk skiing. Or even more fun than normal skiing during the sunset of beauty.

*Keep skiing. Get up early. Jump start your day and ski the first half of your weekend morning if that's all you have. With longer days you can double down and do the other stuff AFTER.  Living in the valley the sun and warm weather may have you grabbing your bike, but guess what. You can do that in the afternoon. 

*Bring something to eat and drink. I almost didn't make it to the office - if you get a work week morning chance, take it but bring some munchies. I had to stop for water and a snack just to have enough energy to actually make it to work. #rookiemove

What else will help you have the perfect morning/weekend spring ski day? How many more chances do we have until we miss it all summer? It's snowing right now...

*Spring Can Wait*

Powderhound Cat