How To: Ski Like A Girl

By Powderhound Cat Feb 27, 2013
What would make the clinic I took last year even better? Making it about the ladies! PCMR is on top of their game this weekend.
How To: Ski Like A Girl

Last winter, I took a Three Day Ski Clinic. I talked about it here AND here.

I was the only woman in the clinic. I can't impress on you enough how acutely aware I became of the differences in how men and women ski. After talking about the adventure with friends, and the instructor, it was obvious. He was great, and gave me tips slightly different than for the other men, which I really appreciated. We are all kinds of different when we ski and in how we learn. Let's just be honest about that. Getting an opportunity to participate with a group of women sounds so fun!

PCMR is offering a similar clinic to the one I participated in, and this year it's for the ladies!

I loved going to the hill multiple days in a row to work on technique. It beats an occasional focus when you have time or aren't skiing with friends. The commitment and attention to your form can really take you to the next level. I can't imagine how meaningful this weekend will be - I'm ALWAYS looking for new ski buddies, especially women! You'd get a kick out of this - I saw one of my fellow clinic buddies LAST WEEKEND. It was too funny that you really share the bond of the event and make new friendships with other lovers of the sport.

I'd encourage you to register now and head out to PCMR this weekend. You can forget the days of your husband/boyfriend telling you to "hurry up" or "lean forward" and become the one beating him down the hill. Ever since my ski clinic I've continued to improve by remembering the lessons learned. I ski with appropriate form, balance, and an even bigger smile on my face.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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