How To: Step Up Your Ski Game

By Powderhound Cat Dec 18, 2012
Powderhound Cat knows novice to expert better than anyone. Let her help you progress and challenge your ability, whether you're a beginner or think you're the best skier ever.
How To: Step Up Your Ski Game

Deer Valley is my home mountain. It's the first place I got on a lift that wasn't to the bunny hill. For beginners, nothing beats the fact that you can go all the way up to the top of Bald Mountain, get a great photo, and ski beginner green runs down. It's exhilarating, and you get a glimpse of "real" skiing.

So it was particularly special to be out there again this weekend. I skied with a group skiers that was, without question, totally amazing. And I learned a lesson I want to share with you:

If you've never been the worst skier in the group, you're not skiing hard enough.

I skied Sunset Trees and Ontario Bowl. Not that well. My boots were bugging me (Pro Tip: it helps if you BUCKLE THEM). I was tired from the powder the day before. But I pushed on, struggling to keep up with the speed racing, gorgeous turns of the group of skiers making it look so effortless. (Pro Tip: Nobody likes the whiner).

I followed them over to the Empire chairlift. I followed the traverse to Anchor trees. I dropped in. It was so good. I got into a groove. I went up again. I followed further, to a point I took off my skis and hiked. And I skied X Files trees. Not only for the first time in MY life, but for the first time they were open for the season. It was divine. The tired ache was gone. The whatever was off with my ski game disappeared. Guess what we did? We hiked out there again. And again. From never ever, to hiking up THREE TIMES.

It was unquestionably one of the best powder days I've had. I was with a group of friends I love, learning, picking up speed, making pristine powder turns. "This is why we do this!" and "I freaking love skiing!" and "Can you believe how good that was!?!?" Our retelling of faces full of powder and soft buttery turns lasted all afternoon.

I want to encourage you to push yourself. Never take it easy, Be safe and comfortable, but never give up getting better.

I'm still in total shock that since beginning this journey, I've moved from bunny hill snow plow to maneuvering through trees and sliding down chutes.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat