How to Take Your Mom Skiing

By Yeti Dec 18, 2012
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 6th Grade Passports to ski Utah’s 14 resorts this season. Here’s some advice on how to take your mom skiing – from Park City and its 7 feet of snow.
How to Take Your Mom Skiing

Hi everyone, this is Jacob.  I am so excited for this ski season, and even more so now because it’s been dumping snow the last few days.  There is already 7 feet of snow at Park City Mountain Resort!  
As this new ski season has started I want to give other kids advice on how to take your mom skiing.  Happy mom = happy skiing for you.  Some moms are awesome skiers, and some are beginners like mine.  If your mom is still learning to ski and you want her to go and have fun, follow my instructions:

•Take her on a sunny day.  Save the powder days for skiing with friends.  Sunny days mean that mom stays warm and has happy memories. 
•Tell her how awesome she looks in her ski outfit.  She will ski more often if she thinks she looks good.  
•Tighten her boots for her because that is just a nice thing to do.
•No matter how many times she falls help her up and never laugh at her.  
•Take her someplace awesome for lunch, and avoid the chili yourself.
•Don’t rush her.  Make sure to tell her how good she is skiing.  And keep her away from terrain parks so she doesn’t freak out.
•Give her your hand warmers even if you are cold.
•At the end of the day get her some hot chocolate and take off her boots for her.

Skiing is a really fun thing to do with your family.  Here is a picture of us at Park City Mountain Resort last week – we had a really fun time.  Follow my advice if you have a mom that needs some encouragement, and if all else fails, take your dad.  And one last tip to all those Fifth and Sixth graders out there, apply for a Ski Utah Passport which keeps mom extra happy by keeping lift ticket costs down.