I'm baaaack

By Tim Roberts Dec 5, 2007

5 days in L.A. at the Ski Dazzle show at the L.A. Convention Center was not where I had hoped to be when it's snowing in Utah. But, if me heading out of town is what it takes to make it dump two feet, then, I'm glad to take one for the team. The show was fine and I was able to visit some friends in the area. I was hoping to squeeze in a little surfing on one of my mornings off, but, the ocean was flatter than the Great Salt Lake while I was there. So, par for the course I guess.

Here are some shots that I got from the resorts of that last round of snow.

Brian making some runs at PCMR. p: Chris PearsonSuperior looking good in the background.The Quad at Solitude is open. p: Nick ComoThe Canyons p: D.C. Lloyd.


Thanks to this latest round of snow and continued cold temperatures the resorts have been opening new lifts and more terrain. Most resorts also have some park features up and running. Ride Utah's fearless reporter Josh Scheuerman has been making the rounds of these resorts and posting the latest. When the real parks get going we'll be posting full updates in the terrain parks section.

The really good news is that there is more snow on the way. Here is the latest forecast from our man Bruce Tremper at the Utah Avalanche Center:

But the big news is that we should get a big, wet, closed low pressure system, which looks like it will give us 1-2 feet of snow by the end of the weekend. The action should begin on Friday and last through Sunday. The center of the low pressure should come right over us, which makes the storm tricky because if we remain in the eye of the storm, there isn’t enough wind to push the moist air up the mountains and the mountains end up with the same amount of precipitation as the valleys. Hopefully, the center of the low will wander a bit and give us a much-need shot of snow.

The extended forecast calls for a steady series of storms next week, which will be more of the classic, northwest-flow storms that we know and love.

Anyway, let's hope this dump pans out and we can all get ours. I'll be out with a camera in hand to document the action. Stay tuned and keep praying for snow.