Intelligent Design at Park City Mountain Resort

By Tim Roberts Feb 9, 2009

Rising from the ashes of the World Superpipe Championships, Park City Mountain Resort is taking the contest to the next level this season. On March 7, 2009 witness the birth of Intelligent Design, a hybrid slopestyle / Superpipe contest. My sources tell me that the contest will consist of rails, jibs, and jumps in the upper section and leading into the superpipe for the lower section. Sounds like my usual night riding runs at Brighton. With this new format and layout the organizers are seeing a variety of pros showing interest in the contest, including Mark Frank Montoya, Travis Rice, and Shawn White. Of course a $50k prize purse helps too!

Here's what the PCMR website says about the new contest:

PCMR: The Intelligent Design (n.)

1. a competition with a progressive approach to terrain park design
2. changes of the molecular elements in terrain park structure
3. a smart snowboarding course

The Intelligent Design at Park City Mountain Resort will combine all elements of competitive snowboarding including big air, half-pipe and jibbing in one course. The event will be located at the Pick ‘N Shovel Terrain Park and Eagle Superpipe, which will be transformed to host the new competition creation.

For more details on this contest go here: