Introducing Powderhound Cat

By Powderhound Cat Oct 21, 2010
Introducing Powderhound Cat

Allow Myself To Introduce...Myself


smile (smile)

Skiers! Utahns! Lovers of winter, hello! My name is Cat Killfoil and I wanted to let you know a bit more about me before I become the most valuable resource in your snow life. You might have seen me in action with my winning Powderhound entry. That almost tells you everything you need to know: I think I’m hilarious and I talk with my eyebrows. In addition, famous things have been named after me, you might have heard of the snow cat? Or cat skiing? Kidding...seriously though, I have to tell you that skiing didn’t used to be “my thing” (when I read that I use my hands to make air quotes, that’s totally one of my things).

It’s true! I was a beach bum running around in stilettos and sundresses way before Utah was ever on my radar. The climate change hasn’t stopped me from rocking the dresses and stilettos, but now I’m all about The Greatest Snow on Earth®! It’s a good life, and as I explore it more and more I can’t wait to tell you all about it. is a killer ski resource and being part of it I get to to share my passion and excitement with you. Keep my blog and all the great resources Ski Utah offers plugged in to your browser, and check back often!

How do you ski? New school, old school, family in ski school? Let’s talk about it all. I plan on going to every resort in Utah this winter. I plan on interviewing strangers, trying new restaurants, and celebrating winter with you. I’ll post videos and stories about past and future events you won’t want to miss, and if you’re lucky you might even make the cut and see yourself here!

Feel free to tell me what you want to hear more about, whether you live in SLC, or have never seen the state of Utah...and if that’s true... what are you thinking? Book that flight and get out here already!

* Let it snow  *

Powderhound Cat

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