Introducing...more snow!

By Kendall Dec 29, 2007
Introducing...more snow!

I was out in the backcountry of Big Cottonwood Canyon yesterday with my buddy Dustin for some solitude (nope, not Solitude, solitude) and some untracked powder. The south facing slopes were primo, which isn't too common considering Utah gets some amazing bluebird days following storms and the sun tends to crust up the snow on south facing slopes.

As we were enjoying some nice untracked powder in the midst of yet another storm I was thinking back to just a month ago when it looked like this:

caroline_1 (caroline_1)

What a difference a month can make. Everyone was fearful of how the winter was going to turn out and I'm sure the destination skiers living in New York, Florida, Chicago, et al were all wondering why oh why did we book Christmas vacation for Utah.  What a score if you did because now it's looking a lot like this:

car_2 (car_2)

Last night the Cottonwoods got another 3-4" with Powder Mountain and Snowbasin pulling in the lions share of this storm with 9" and 8" respectfully. They don't call it Powder Mountain for nothing! I would recommend heading north for this weekend as those resorts have gotten more snow this week than anywhere else.

-- If you want to check out the next *sick* day that Caroline (in both the images above) takes be sure to watch the Solitude Resort Blog.