It Pays to Be a Local

By Kendall Dec 21, 2007
It Pays to Be a Local

Being a local was something I didn't give much thought to when I moved to Park City back in the 1996-97 season. As things like Interlodge, Lake Effect, SW/NW flow began to gain meaning and the regular faces in the gondola line at The Canyons, the Tram at Snowbird, Collins lift at Alta and other spots became more common being a local took on more meaning.

One of the things it means is never lacking for a ski partner on a powder day and having the ritual down well enough that first tracks are commonplace.

After coming home from Snowbasin last night I switched my 8:30 bagel and coffee meeting to a PROBAR and a lift ride on starting with Pay Day at Park City Mountain Resort. Such is the life of a local.

And what a morning it was. I hooked up with Brian Kahn, head local of Locals Have More Fun and we hit it fast and furious with "meeting" discussions on the lifts.

Park City was reporting 10" that skied like 15" in many places. In two hours we laid down fresh tracks and lapped up powder with more productivity than any meeting I've attended in a long time.

We started off on Pay Day and headed to the Bonanza Lift. Riding Bonanza we caught the morning rays hitting Jupiter - still in need of more snow sup there but amazingly beautiful in the very cold morning (11 degrees at 8:30 am)

pcmr_jupitersunrise (pcmr_jupitersunrise)

We dropped down Double Jack to the Thaynes lift. Double Jack had some beefy bumps which I'm not a fan of but there was just enough powder to hit the bumps and soar to the next soft landing. Thaynes run under the lift looked mostly void of tracks so the obvious was our next route. The bumps were smaller under the powder and I barely felt any as we ripped long downhill style turns.

Next up, Blueslip Bowl on the Pioneer Lift. It was oh so yummie and I snapped the below photo of Brian.

pcmr_localshavemorefun (pcmr_localshavemorefun)

We were going to head up Pioneer for a repeat but with McConkey's Lift open we couldn't resist. The wind was super cold up top making me regret my neck gator being left at home. We dropped the bowl with hoots and hollars from the lift above. Pioneer was next with Comstock and the adjacent runs looking fresh. As we ripped down Comstock I looked to my right and saw Brian attacking the powder, plumes of white smoke building behind him and Jupiter Peak basking in the light above. It was surreal. I kept sneaking a glance, smiling the entire time.

We hit the mid mountain cut-off and a Bonanza lift to Silver Skis run on the front mountain, one of the Signature Runs at Park City. With the click of the poles I bid farewell to my morning "meeting" and headed for the "office". I think it's true - locals do have more fun .