It's Not Over Yet

By Powderhound Matt Apr 18, 2016
Even though most of the ski areas have closed for the season, that doesn't mean the ski season is over...
It's Not Over Yet

Each year, as the ski season winds down, it seems like Old Man Winter always has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Last week, as Brighton, Solitude Mountain Resort, Snowbasin Resort and Alta Ski Area were shutting it down everyone was blessed with one final powder day.  

During the Thursday night and Friday morning time period, all of the open Utah resorts saw about 10 inches of high density snow. This made for some really nice late season pow turns.  Temperatures dropped during the second half of the storm, actually they are still cold as I’m writing this Monday afternoon, so conditions have stayed great!

On Friday, I took over the Ski Utah Instagram account and we had a blast bouncing between Alta Ski Area and Snowbird  Here are some of the photos and videos we took that day.  

Thursday Afternoon Park City:

Friday Alta Snowbird:

Friday Afternoon Alta:

Saturday Snowbird:

Remember, folks it’s not over! We’ve got one more weekend of skiing over at Alta and Snowbird will go until Memorial Day. I can promise you this, we will ski powder again this season and it might even be as early as next Sunday.  Keep your eye on the forecast because I’m seeing chances for more snow throughout the rest of the month.  The next 6-14 days look cold and moist, I'll let you know when it's time to put those powder skis away...