It's Raining in Utah!!!!

By Powderhound Matt Jul 5, 2012
It's raining in Utah, and yeah we are excited about it. The dusty trails of yesterday are replaced by tacky damp dirt, no more dust, just perfect for mountain bikers and hikers.
It's Raining in Utah!!!!

It's raining in Utah! It's raining in Utah!  The wet stuff falling from the sky is super welcome in these parts, as the state hasn't seen measurable precipitation in well over a month.

National Weather Service (screen-shot-2012-07-05-at-2-06-34-pm)

Vacationers and locals alike have loved our weather this spring and summer, it seems like every day has been a carbon copy of the last.  Sunny, with temperatures in the low 80s in the mountains, it's been just spectacular. Though this sort of weather kind of gets old after a while, it's always nice to have a gray damp day every so often. That's why when I woke up this morning and I smelt the rain (yes, rain does have a smell) I was super excited and figured I had to post a blog about it. In the winter time, the ski and snowboard community gets supper excited and fired up for powder days.  Well in the summertime, mountain bikers would consider the day after a soaking rain to be the ultimate "powder day."  The dusty trails of yesterday are replaced by tacky damp dirt, no more dust, just perfect for riding your mountain bike all over the hill.  But make sure you get out there soon, the dry mountain air won't let these conditions last long.  Enjoy.  

Those of you not dancing in the rain as I am today, don't worry, the rain won't last long. Here's the seven-day forecast calling for plenty of sunshine. But for now, let's enjoy the precipitation.    

I think it would be insulting not to mention the real importance of the rain that is currently falling.  All over the West and even here in Utah we have had wildfires break out due to the hot and dry weather.  I'm no fire expert but I'd have to assume rain and moisture like this is exactly what those hard working firefighters were asking for.  Thanks so much for getting out there and giving it your all to help save our forests from the burn.  You all do an incredibly dangerous job and we all greatly appreciate the work you do.