It's snowing!

By Tim Roberts Nov 28, 2007

As I type this, it's dumping outside of my window. I wish I wasn't stuck in the office, but, I'm leaving for L.A. tomorrow (Consumer Ski Show) and I need to get some work done. Check out these photos that have landed in my email box this morning and get out there and shred. Snowbird opens on Friday and most resorts are opening more terrain. Most of the resorts picked up about 8 inches of snow and there is snow in the forecast for the rest of the week and next week. Hopefully this will break the high pressure that's been camped out over the west for the last month and we can get some decent storm cycles going.

The Snowbird Cam last nightSolitude Mountain ResortThe Canyons - p: D.C. Lloyd

Anyway, I'm hoping that my jetting to L.A. will keep the snow falling here in Utah. That's usually how it works when I'm out of town. I'm also hoping to do a little surfing while I'm on the left coast. Stay tuned.