It's your Winter Halftime Report Show

By Powderhound Matt Feb 6, 2017
Hey it's your Winter Halftime Report show brought to you by ISkiDeepPow! See what you've missed so far and what you can expect during the coming week!
It's your Winter Halftime Report Show

The first part of winter is over... and much like the Super Bowl, we're taking a look back and the highs and the lows of the season.

Like the Patriot's first quarter, the winter's First Quarter (November) was a joke. Just as the Pats just couldn’t get the ball rolling, mother nature couldn't squeeze out a snowflake if she tried that month. Resorts were forced to delay openings and there wasn’t a lot of optimism floating around the skiing community. But then, just like that, everything changed.

After Thanksgiving, the faucet opened and it just hasn’t stopped. Actually, a better way to describe it—is gushing, puking, dumping, nuking!!! Here are two examples:  

Brighton has already received over 415” of snow this season!!! Deer Valley Resort will be over 300” once this blog goes live. We are talking about a seasons worth of snowfall before Winter’s Half Time, metaphorically speaking. Simply put, we have a ton of snow and a ton more is forecasted to fall this week alone! 

Obviously, if you come to Utah, the ski resorts are going to be your bread and butter, but if you’re looking to mix it up, try one of the following adventures. 

Ski Utah Interconnect Tour. Alpine Tour from Deer Valley to Snowbird all in the same day. Ski incredible pow, all while getting to take a tour of Utah’s incredible Park City, Deer Valley, Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird Ski Resorts.                           

Book a trip with the Park City Powder Cats in the Uinta Mountains. Ski huge lines with the best crew in the business! I love skiing with these guys so much I’ve already booked my trip for a Sunday in March.                                                                     

Powderbird Heli-Skiing, the Grand Daddy or Super Bowl of adventures. I’ve had the opportunity to fly with these guys years ago, during our record snowfall season of 2011.  All I can say to you is this. Heli-skiing is insane. Hell, the chopper rides are worth the price of admission alone! There is no way you end a day of heli-skiing feeling disappointed. 

Here are some of my favorite moments so far this season! Enjoy the Highlight Real!