June snow brings excitement even to kids!

By Mountain Mama Jun 19, 2014
A rare June storm brought nearly a foot of snow to the mountains of Utah this week. I like a little pool time but my kids, they want to get their skis and boards and take a run!
June snow brings excitement even to kids!

Snow in June?  Sure it can happen, but not almost a foot!  As a big, cold storm rolled in this week and winter advisories were posted, Brennan's first words were "can I go boarding?"  OK, I guess.  After having washed all the winter clothes months ago, I dragged them back out and away we went to Alta.

I think the draw to Alta is that snowboarding is not allowed.  Brennan giggled all the way up saying "I'm not supposed to go there on my snowboard."  It was a picture perfect day.  Blue skies, white snow and of course, very quiet!  Being kids, we are not hikers with our skis.  I picked a little slope at the Albion base where there wasn't a lot of hiking.  Enough of a slope to get a little momentum and lots of giggles.  A couple of runs and a few toe grabs later, we were done.  


Ok, now back to hiking and laying at the pool!