Killer Weekend at Snowbasin Resort

By Park Rat Tom Dec 11, 2013
Even a park rat knows how to shred some pow, because that's what we do in Utah.
Killer Weekend at Snowbasin Resort

First off, I would like to thank Ski Utah for keeping me onboard the last few years. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to explore all of the wonderful terrain that Utah has to offer. I've met some amazing people, been to some awesome places, and can only hope to continue this journey for many years to come. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


This was supposed to be about a post about the current state of terrain parks at Snowbasin, but you can't change the weather, and we were forced to ride pow. NOT BUMMED.

Snowbasin 12/07/13 

Ahhh. Classic Snowbasin. I love this place. If you ever get there early, or end up staying late, do yourself a favor and explore the base area. The lodges are incredibly beautiful.

*cue epic choir music*

No lift lines on a weekend pow day? You better believe it y'all. The Needles Gondola can carry up to 8 people, which certainly keeps things movin' and groovin'. 

Gondola's rule. Especially when there is friendly staff waiting for you to help grab your stuff and stoke you out. And for that, we salute you, kind lift attendants. 

It's important to stretch your legs out before getting buck wild on more advanced terrain. The early morning snow provided ample grippage for rippage. Above, Tyler "Turbo" Blackburn is shown carvin' nearly 2 weeks after Turkey Day. Go Tyler go!

Pocket Park #1 right off of the Needles Gondola. Pocket Parks are mini parks scattered throughout the mountain to break up the monotony of a single main-park layout. Sammy Blazejewski loves them, and you will too. 

Things filled in quite nicely towards the afternoon, revealing a myriad of natural halfpipes, open valleys & tight trees. My favorite part about Snowbasin is the variety of terrain, and how there's enough of it for everyone to share.

Local ripper Cody Lee with an impressive cab 5 off a cat rack. Cody & Marketing dude Jason Dyer lead the pack that day, showing us some really cool spots outside of the park to jump & jib around. Can't wait to get back there! Video to soon follow.