Last minute cheap gift

By Yeti Dec 19, 2014
Low temperature fluid is good for canyon driving.
Last minute cheap gift

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal

A cheap but practical gift is a jug of low temperature windshield washer fluid. Look for a temperature that is -25 or -30 or lower. A gallon jug costs less than $5.

There are some days when the temperature and humidity cause windshields to glaze over so that you can't see when driving up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon. And the "blue stuff" that's usually in the reservoir will not defrost the windshield. Using low temperature windshield fluid might just save your day.

You might want to buy a turkey baster too. Use it to suck the blue stuff out of the reservoir and replace it with the low temperature washer fluid.

There are several brands of low temperature windshield fluid. Different brands are different colors – orange, purple or pink. But none are blue. Stick a bow on the jug and it's wrapped!

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