Late Season Wonderland at Alta

By Travel Tips and Deals May 2, 2014
I was whining like a 2-year-old, but then I found a powdery playground and it was on!
Late Season Wonderland at Alta

The pow was sweeeeet at Alta Ski Area last Sunday, but I was grumbling regardless. The season was nearly over and my fave lifts (Sugarloaf and Supreme) weren’t spinning. I know, I know, first world problems.

After a couple of laps up Collins and Wildcat, we noticed that the Sugarloaf terrain was still accessible from the top of Collins. It would mean a rope-tow back to the Collins base, but we decided to drop in and check it out. Whooooa!

What we found were some of our favorite runs, virtually untouched. Because most lifts on that side were closed, almost no one ventured over there. Not only was it fluffy, there were still first tracks to be had, even late in the day.

It was like an empty amusement park with all the attractions open just for us. Seriously, one of my best days resort skiing ever! Steve was let out a loud “yeeeeehaw!” on his way down one untouched line.

For the rest of the day we lapped the route, not thinking twice about having to drag our butts back to the Collins Base. It was that epic.

By the end of the day I told Steve that I’d be watching for those lifts to close again near the end of the season, because I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to ski our own wonderland. Seriously, I’d pay double for that experience again. Best. Day. Ever.

Lesson learned…the last couple of weekends at Alta are worth making a trip up the canyon. Alta closes for the season this Sunday, May 4th.