Let it snow!

By Mountain Mama Feb 27, 2015
It's no secret the Eastern US has been buried this winter while the west has been a little quiet. However, when asked how is the snow? You know, it is fine! There was a storm dumping over a foot of snow last weekend and now...the pattern is changing!
Let it snow!

For the past several months, Mother Nature has been a little confused. With a pretty strong ridge of high pressure sitting over the west, it has buried the east with record setting snow. One storm after another has left many a bit weary. Well, hang tight, the pattern is changing. The ridge is breaking down in the west and opening the door for winter to return. Now is the time to grab your tickets and head out! On average, March is the snowiest month of the year.

It doesn't really take much of a storm or "ripple" in the jet stream to get a dump of snow. This past weekend, we saw just that. Over a foot of pow falling in the mountains and it was so gorgeous! I have to admit, I'm not used to the deep pow recently so yep, my quads were burning! Brennan and I headed to Snowbird to do some free skiing while Emily was doing her race there. I'm not the person who jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn on a powder day, but on this particular day, Emily had to be there early so basically, Bren and I caught one of the first chairs up! Disclaimer....me+powder+steep slopes=not a pretty sight. Heading to the very top of the mountain on Little Cloud chair, which by the way is expert terrain-my first mistake-made for a good story. I did my best to get down, Bren was way ahead of me and when I caught him he said "wow, I did a lot of summersaults....can we do that again?" Guess the answer, NO! But, that run with the powder snow blowing up ahead of Brennan's snowboard was really that "epic" powder Utah is known for. 



The moral of the story...more of this heading in. March is coming in like a lion and will roar for awhile. The jet stream is a river of wind in the upper atmosphere. It controls where the storms go. When it is popped up and over a high pressure in the west, storms cannot break through which leads to sunshine and little snow. This past month, the storms have run into the high, they can't go through so they go up and over dumping into the eastern US. Now, the ridge of high pressure has shifted west which is opening the door for those storms to dump into the west vs the midwest and east. It really just takes the pattern to bust down and allow storms to roll in and the "new pattern" sets up. We will see a storm this coming Saturday and then into next week the moisture keeps up. Model data is a bit rough to look at but in this photo, find Utah, find the black lines which indicate the upper directional flow and lots of green-the moisture. The main black lines are the key! They don't pop up and over Utah, but below Utah which indicates colder air and the storms to roll from north to south through the state.

So grab your skis, your warm clothes, your camera and come enjoy this powder! Looks like Mother Nature is shaking things up!