Library to the Lift: Brighton

By Yeti Apr 10, 2014
With 14 resorts and 10+ colleges along the Wasatch; hitting the books to hitting the slopes is only minutes apart. Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of Utah’s undergrads are saying about The Greatest Snow On Earth.
Library to the Lift: Brighton

I am originally from Idaho, and learned to ski at 2 years old on my home resort of Bogus Basin. Since the foundation of my ski career consists of a lack of vertical terrain and snow pack, living in Utah has presented a whole new prospect of skiing adventures. Of all the resorts in the valley, with its laid back atmosphere, versatile terrain, and a women’s only park, Brighton really can’t be beat.

I have skied all the resorts in the Salt Lake Valley, and one thing that really puts Brighton above the rest is the friendly environment. The people up big cottonwood are the most genuine, fun loving people I have ever met. The tourist types seem to be much less common, which makes for a guaranteed fun experience when you go skiing with either your friends or solo. There is never any pressure to perform and I have yet to have any patrol chase me down the mountain for skiing too aggressive like other resorts. The fellow shredders are also very likely to start conversation on the lifts, and even join you on laps and show you new terrain. It is not unlikely to make car pools or ski buddies just from a single lift ride.

Another great aspect about Brighton is definitely the multifaceted terrain. The mountain ranges from the easiest of green groomers, to side country that will blow your mind. Thus, giving you the opportunity to practice those solid GS skills off of Great Western one run, and then drop some pow covered cliffs off Millicent your next. Not to mention there is backcountry access at nearly every boundary rope. Not only does the mountain offer skiing for any ability, it gives you the opportunity to progress and fine-tune your skills.

Krista’s park is the newest addition to the mountain this year. It is a women’s only park off of, the less skied, majestic lift. Located in a quiet area of the mountain, Krista’s park is the perfect place to progress your park skills without the crowd of the regular park or boys. When it comes to skiing, I come from more of a racing background and am not one who often ventures to the park. Not because I don’t like it, but more so because the features are often too large for my abilities and I don’t like the pressure of being watched. The best part about Krista’s is that it doesn’t fall into either category. It’s a place where you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your abilities and can ride with other women who are there to have a good time as well. The features range from boxes, to down rails, to kickers and cover all spectrums of ability. Krista’s park is just another reason of many, at least for women, that Brighton is the place to be.

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