Library to the Lift: Park City Mountain Resort

By Yeti Apr 15, 2014
With 14 resorts and 10+ colleges along the Wasatch; hitting the books to hitting the slopes is only minutes apart. Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of Utah’s undergrads are saying about The Greatest Snow On Earth.
Library to the Lift: Park City Mountain Resort

Growing up skiing on the icy hills of western Pennsylvania, trips to Utah were always the highlight of my winters.  Runs that seemed endless, ridiculous amounts of powder, and all around good fun with family and friends made me wish I lived in Utah.  When college came around, I finally had the chance.  How could a young skier turn down going to school within thirty minutes of seven resorts?  The hardest part was picking a resort to buy a season pass to.  While everyone told me to get a pass to one of the resorts in the Cottonwoods, I took a different path and chose Park City.  Why not go to a great resort next to one of the coolest little towns in the country? I was happily surprised with one of the funnest seasons I can remember, deep snow and a new crew to shred with. 

The first day I finally got to go, I was in immediate heaven.  Everything was so much better than I was used to.  It took no time at all to find kids I already knew, and meet some new friends.  The parks are in perfect condition, and the setup is always evolving into new creative lines that keep me guessing.  I was so used to the parks back east that were always icy with terrible transitions.  Now I am able to go as big or small as I want, with about half the risk thanks to the soft snow.  Not to mention all the pros that call PC home. If you don’t feel like hitting the 80-foot jumps, just sit back and watch them for a change. 

When you’re sick of the park and the storms finally roll in carrying that blower powder, head back to Jupiter Bowl.  I went there for my first true powder day, and the fun was endless.  Face shot after face shot made it impossible to leave, and the best part was that we had it all to ourselves. 

It's not just the skiing that keeps me coming back however, it's the atmosphere.  Not only are the other riders great, but the employees are friendly and approachable. They are always striking up a conversation and keeping the love of winter high. When the end of the day rolls around, the variety of food options in and around the base area can't be beat. From burgers to burritos, they seem to have it all.  Whether you're just a college kid looking to ride with your friends, or parents looking for a place to go for vacation, Park City Mountain Resort is pretty tough to beat. 

Park City Mountain Resort closes this Sunday (4/20) - commemorating its 50th year in operation. Join PCMR this closing weekend & save up to 35% off lift tickets here.

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