Library to the Lift: Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort

By Yeti May 1, 2014
With 14 resorts and 10+ colleges along the Wasatch; hitting the books to hitting the slopes is only minutes apart. Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of Utah’s undergrads are saying about The Greatest Snow On Earth.
Library to the Lift: Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort

Coming from Boise, I didn't ski a whole lot as a kid. I would make the occasional trip to Bogus Basin with friends and family on weekends, but never considered myself a hardcore skier. But when I moved to Salt Lake for college in 2010, I had the opportunity to change that and finally get to play in some world class terrain. I had a big choice to make, what pass I would spend my hard earned cash on. Not only was this influenced by where friends were going, but by the terrain and access that the resort was going to provide me with. I weighed the options and pulled the trigger, landing on Snowbird. It's safe to say I was more than happy with this decision, as they received over 800" of snow my freshman season and I was kept busy exploring the vastness of thousands of skiable acres. It went down as the best ski season of my life, and is the main reason I've been committed to The Bird ever since!

When talking terrain, The Bird can't be beat. It's got everything you could want; wide open bowls, tight tree runs, steep cliff lines, and even a mini terrain park if you are so inclined. It'll keep you excited about skiing all the way through it's incredibly long season, and with a variety of terrain like this all being coated in feet of snow on a regular basis you'll be like a kid in a candy store. The unparalleled access to all this terrain is made possible by an array of lifts and the almighty Tram, making for convenient travel so you can focus on what really matters: more powder turns. 

With such incredible conditions, it's no secret that this is one of Utah's best ski destinations. That's why you shouldn't be surprised when you see the familiar face of pro skier or rider in the tram line, or hanging out on the plaza deck enjoying the apres ski scene. Many live in the valley, or come in from out of state when the weather turns stormy to take advantage of the "steep and deep" terrain to get a powder fix or perfect skills for an upcoming big mountain competition. You know you're in the right place when people who are paid to ski big are in the same lift line as yourself. That's what makes Snowbird such an adventure, it's a true winter destination, the hardcore skier/rider's paradise. When you find yourself there on a powder day, dropping into a fresh field of snow or a gnarly line, don't be surprised when you hear yelling and hollering of excitement from the lift as excited skiers look on and approve of your gnarliness. The stoke is high at Snowbird, and if you want to be surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts of all things powder, look no further.

Deep snow totals equal slow snow melt, meaning Snowbird has the ability to stay open well into the spring months, even as the lifts of other resorts stop spinning. Typically opening in November, and operating all the way through May (weather permitting) is not uncommon, making the $500 you spent on a student season pass in the fall an outrageous deal. It can be hard to stay excited about winter for that long, especially in the spring with distractions like mountain biking and golfing becoming more available and easier to make excuses for. But if you're true to skiing and love to shred as much as possible, you'll be right at home with the spring skiing scene at The Bird. On any given day, you'll see costumes, jorts, and 80s ski gear on the slopes only to be followed by barbecues and parking lot dance parties. Didn't buy a Bird pass this year? Bring your pass from anywhere in the world to the ticket window and they'll hook you up with a $42 lift ticket! 

When it comes down to it, if you're a die hard winter enthusiast, just looking to get the most out of your winter and the best bang for your buck, Snowbird is your haven. You'll satisfy your thrist for thrill with epic runs and deep turns all season, and be partying with friends by the grill come spring. The best winter experience is waiting for you at Snowbird, but hurry and we might even save you a burger! 

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