Longboarding Guardsman's Pass (Drone Footage)

By Snowboard Muse Oct 30, 2014
Unbelievable cinematography of Guardsman's pass peak foliage.
Longboarding Guardsman's Pass (Drone Footage)

Epic Longboarding

Fall in Utah is an amazing time of year. This year in particular had some of the best foliage that I have seen. One sunrise my friend Troy Tully and I decided to shoot Guardmans pass in between Park City and Big Cottonwood. We ended getting some pretty spectacular footage. Watch here! 


Longboarding and Skateboarding are a great way to get into snowboarding shape. If your interested in keeping your air awareness sharp Click Here to view the blog post.

Drone Pilot and Glide Cam footage by Troy Tully

GoPro/Time Lapse/Edit by Andrew Muse

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