MacGyver's Guide to Preseason Backcountry

By Park Rat Tom Nov 1, 2012
Nature called, and guess who answered...
MacGyver's Guide to Preseason Backcountry

This is a hard time of the year. We're all pretty anxious to get back on the slopes and lay down some fatty carves. WHOOSH! Winter has given us a little taste of what's to come, and it's our duty as modern mountainists to shred every last bit of snow out there. While we wait for the resorts to open, we are left with no choice but to venture out into the Utah wilderness. The following list has been compiled in an attempt to keep you safe, sane, and stoked in the backcountry during the preseason.


BOARD - Burton Root

The right kind of vehicle can make or break the mission at hand. And in my line of work, It's important to choose something that will adapt to just about any situation. Nimbly maneuver through tight, technical terrain, rock through pow, and tweak. Fly through the trees with this machine. The shorter nose, tail, and longer effective edge enables you ride a board 8-10 cm shorter than normal. The same control without adding extra length. Boost off cliffs. No problem. The Root is equipped an early rise tip and tail for flotation in deep powder landings. Snorkel…check.


APPAREL - Burton Sentry Jacket (Burlap Duck Hunter Camo)

It's important to blend in with your natural surroundings..but believe it or not, I too sometimes forget my camo snuggie at home. Good thing the Burton Sentry Jacket comes in Burlap Duck Hunter Camo. Stay invisible in the forest, dry, and disguised from enemies attempting to snake your lines. For complete coverage, combine with the camo Burton Hellbrook Premium Pant. The Two large front pockets also serve as excellent storage while foraging for berries and hunting wild game.

OPTICS - Smith I/O

Properly functioning eyewear is crucial for unpredictable weather conditions. The Smith I/O Goggle is the ultimate choice for interchangeability, anti-fog and crystal clear optics. The quick release lens system makes it easy to swap out lenses in the tightest of situations with extreme efficiency. The Porex filter and 5x anti-fog inner lens prevents any moisture from obstructing your line of sight. The Platinum or Gold mirror lenses are excellent choices for deflecting powerful light rays. They also double as phenomenal signal mirrors if you happen to run into trouble. When night falls, swap in a clear lens, and leave the bulky night vision goggles at home. 


STORAGE - Dakine Blade 38L / Burton Mr. Beer

A good pack should be able to carry everything you need in a tight little package. The Dakine Blade 38L is a versatile unit with the ability to carry both skis and snowboards, balanced and evenly-weighted. The pack features an external snow-tool/shovel pocket and quickdraw ice axe hostler, a simple solution for attaching everyday tools. There is also an insulated sleeve for your hydration reservoir, preventing frozen hoses and untimely dehydration. Burton's Mr. Beer pack would also be an excellent choice for protecting valuable liquid resources. You never know when a party might erupt.


FOOD - Cobra Dog's Hot Snake

After a long trek, the last thing I like to do is patiently stalk my dinner for hours on end. Hotsnakes are the answer. Not only do they taste great, but the added spiciness releases endorphins in your body, a natural pain reliever and mood enhancer. They are actually so hot, they can be used to start a campfire...or as foot warmers. When you're out of crossbow arrows, Cobra Style might be your only chance of survival.


Happy Trails,