Meeting the Olympic Heros and dreaming big!

By Mountain Mama Apr 8, 2014
It isn't often you get to go to a parade and see some of the best Olympians in the world. This past weekend that happened in Park City, a welcome home for the Utah Olympians, and a chance for the kids to give them a hug and get plenty of pictures and autographs. Great role models for kids to have, look up to, and aspire to be.
Meeting the Olympic Heros and dreaming big!

Dreams are so important...

It is what keeps us going, it is what drives us.  For my kids, it is about skiing and snowboarding and continuing to get better.  They have been very fortunate to live in Utah and been instructed from some great people over the years.  During this Olympic year it was apparent, they have a dream-to go to the Olympics.  A common conversation in our house, "Mom, how many more Olympics until I get to go?"  I love it!  I tell them with hard work, you just never know.  

We watched many of the Olympic events, but the snowboarding events and ski racing events were the most popular at our house.  Utah was well represented in the Olympics, and this past weekend Park City hosted a welcome home for the Olympians.  It was a snowy April day when we showed up.  Yes it was cold, but we had our autograph books, hats, posters and cameras and were ready to celebrate.  Bands were playing and as each athlete drove by, they waved and were surrounded by with their own Olympic dreams.  The athletes were all gracious, friendly and willing to sign autographs until the last person was gone.  Real hereos, real people for our kids to look up to.  They all thanked us for coming and supporting them.  They posed for pictures, stood in the snow and had a smile.  This will stick with my kids for years.  In fact, Brennan grabbed his book and started practicing his own autograph.  We got home and he got out his toy snowboards-one Sage Kotsenburg had signed- and made some jumps.  Emily is still smiling as she got a chance to meet Ted Ligety twice.  

As I end the blog this year, it is with a smile of how far my kids have come.  Emily finished her second year of ski racing, and Brennan has improved leaps (literally) and bounds on his snowboard.  I've included a video to show that lessons and training do pay off. Emily wanted to try out her new ski race suit and of course all the new powder.  And most importantly, when kids have dreams...they will soar.  See you next season!