Mid April Blue Bird Pow at Snowbird

By Tim Roberts Apr 19, 2007
Mid April Blue Bird Pow at Snowbird

Just as I start to get sad about ski season being close to done, we get another big dump. We were giggling like schoolgirls, knowing how sick it was going to be. We started the day on the Peruvian Express. We only traversed about fifty yards towards Silver Fox, before dropping in on a ridicules POW run. We were hooting and hollering all the way. It was the best skiing I have had in weeks. We jumped back on the chair, and then noticed at the top that the Mineral Basin tunnel was open. We hopped on the magic carpet over to mineral, and were some of the first people to drop in to the freshies. The fatty’s were floating with ease, never hitting the bottom. Then we took the Mineral Basin Express back up and headed over to Baldy. On the traverse over to North Baldy, I noticed one of my favorite lines on the West side was untracked. So, I had no choice but to let it rip. Then we took a few tram laps getting freshies in Keyhole and then hitting a few drops and straight lines on the Cirque. It was so fun we had to do it lap after lap at the end of the day. It was one of the few times that having some thing get skied up actually made it more fun. As the Cirque got skied up, the straight line got faster and more fun as the day went on. Finally, after our legs were done, we headed to the Tram Deck to meet up with some friends for a beer. We tipped a couple back in the sun as we traded stories about how sick it was. George, Matt, and Hilary let us know that they got some untracked POW late in the day by traversing out Little Provo towards Gad Two. Then we headed to the Tram Club to finish out the session. Once we were too tipsy for simple math we decided to call it. On the way out the door Aaron was almost attacked by a cougar at the table next to us. In good spirits about the near attack he said, “I am not afraid of cougars, I know that when I’m in the mountains, I’m in their territory.

Check out the Mineral Basin POW photo’s taken by Aaron Broege.

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