Miracle March is Providing the Goods ... And the Images

By Sideways Stories Mar 7, 2018
A collection of some of the best edits from around the state during the latest snowfall
Miracle March is Providing the Goods ... And the Images

"Some resorts in the central Wasatch have been reporting upwards of 30" storm totals from this past system alone."

The storm track that we have been waiting for has finally arrived in Utah, dumping feet of snow in the mountains over the past several days. We all know that the season in Utah has been subpar up to this time, but we can all rest our pretty heads, because the riding in Utah over the past 10 days or so has been nothing short of world class. Some resorts in the central Wasatch were reporting upwards of 30" storm totals from this past system alone.

With all of this new snow comes newfound excitement amongst the ranks of local shredders. Equipped with cameras of all types, some of the best little edits of the season have been coming out of the Wasatch during this most recent system. From Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood and all the way up to Powder Mountain, people have been documenting the stoke. 

Here are some of my favorites:


Here, my friends Seth Huot and Pat Moore got creative with the follow cam in some of Brighton's most iconic locations. Watch as Seth follows pat mobbing around Milly and ripping the famous MFM jump in the Brighton backcountry.

Alex Andrews, Sean Black and Trevor Brady get absolutely inundated in deep snow at Brighton, while messing with some fun filming techniques.

While the storm as gearing up, legendary filmer Shane Charlebois and the some of the Absinthe riders both past and present tested their skills on the snowskates up at Brighton. How fun does this look? Watch Bode Merrill, Hans Mindich, Cam Fitzpatrick and Aspen Weaver get loose.

Powder Mountain

Here are some snaps from what Powder Mountain provided over the weekend. While the Cottonwoods were totally choked with people, the gem of the north was a private powder kingdom.

Exit Strategy

"What Powder Panic?"


Local Backcountry

The local backcountry has finally gotten to an amazing point in terms of coverage and the quality of the riding out there. If you are touring, be sure to take the proper equipment and know-how and check the Utah Avalanche Center website for current conditions and advisories. Now get out there and enjoy the snow.


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