Monster Dump at Sundance!

By Powderhound Matt Dec 17, 2015
A Monster dump put a smack down on the Wasatch last night. Resorts all over the state are reporting more than a foot of snow. We went to Sundance. Watch the video and you'll understand why...
Monster Dump at Sundance!

The #DecemberToRemember continues in Utah.  We just keep getting pounded over here. Last night’s storm was forecast to put down 3 - 6” of snow. Instead it totally overproduced and crushed the Wasatch.  Most resorts are reporting over a foot of new snow again! We went to Sundance where they reported a Monster Dump of 17” of epic Utah Pow! 

The storm train is set to roll on through Christmas with another banger of a storm set to come through early next week.  Between now and then we will have two quick hitting  refresher storms that drop any where from 2-4” and 4-8”. 

After wrapping up today at Sundance, I can most certainly say, IF you have the opportunity to ride this place on a powder day then you better do so because things just got out of control today.  No crowds, deep deep snow and the best views in Utah! I just want to stay here forever!