More Fun, More Fitness!

By Active Alyssa Nov 1, 2016
It's that time of year again... The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, the Wasatch mountain range has tasted October Snow, I can go to southern Utah without melting, and I get to start blogging for Ski Utah again!
More Fun, More Fitness!

Wow, what an action-packed summer and fall, filled with many new adventures and awesome experiences! Quick recap: I conquered a fear and went scuba diving for the first time, survived a 45 mile canoe trip on the Green River, partied on Lake Powell without getting a hangover or sunburnt, summited a 12,300 ft. peak on Red Castle while backpacking in the High Uintas, and completed the "Magnificent 7" series of bike trails for 26 miles in Moab without dying! (Scroll to bottom for photos)

You might think I need a little break, but I'm feeling better than ever, and I wouldn't want it any other way! Finding the right balance of exercise, sleep, and proper fuel, your body can do it all too! I am going to focus on providing you with more tips and tricks to prepare for your next trip to the mountains in Utah!

This winter, turn to me for fitness and health tips to help you have the best winter of your life. I'm excited to take you through a serious of exercises all winter long that will improve your flexibility, strength and fitness—specific to skiing and snowboarding.

What to expect this winter:

  • Ski conditioning exercises using a BOSU, weights, and even just using your body for work to be done anywhere
  • Check out this cool post where ski doctors from the University of Utah give us tips for winter
  • Post ski stretches and why yoga is so important
  • Your immune system and the significance of antioxidants and probiotics
  • Healthy ski snacks on the go
  • Active events to attend and activities to try on your next ski trip
  • Round up of sweet places to sweat
  • Benefits of being active every day

I hope you all have had an amazing summer and fall, and are as excited as I am for the winter ahead. I really want to bring you along and get into the action with me. When setting goals and getting out of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen! I want you to be fit while having fun, and to live life to the fullest for your best year yet! Follow along for some active inspiration and get ready for another amazing winter season!

XOXO, Bring on the Snow!