Mouthwatering Dishes to Flatten the Midwinter Muffin Top

By Pam's Plate Feb 23, 2014
Resolutions fizzle out? Skiing not enough to crush the calories? I’ve found a delicious hot spot where the dishes are healthy, fast and cheap.
Mouthwatering Dishes to Flatten the Midwinter Muffin Top

About now, even though there is PLENTY of skiing left (check out recent storm and base totals!), I start thinking about swimsuit weather because for a woman of “my age,” it takes longer to get in shape than it once did. Add to this metabolic letdown the fact that I am a food writer, whose job it is to try all the best (sometimes indulgent) dishes in the state. This has led to the so-called muffin top, this weird layer around the mid-section that doesn’t fit in my jeans anymore. This is not attractive.


To start whittling down this baked good of tummy fluff, I’ve begun with better choices at breakfast and I’m excited to have found Blue Lemon, “Pure Clean Food with a Twist.” The twist—twists, actually, are that the food is really delicious AND really fast AND a bargain.


There are currently three Blue Lemon locations open in the Salt Lake Valley, but the one we frequent is off the 2000 E. exit of I-215, 10 minutes from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. On a powder day, we hit Blue Lemon at 7 a.m.; the speedy, friendly service has us out of there in less than 30 minutes, fueled up and ready to go.


My favorite breakfast is the build-your-own egg white omelet with all the veggies and turkey sausage. If you’re going low-carb, they’ll replace the potatoes and toast with sliced avocado. It’s a hefty omelet for $6.50. Other light options include fresh berry oatmeal ($4) with agave or Eggs Florentine in a grilled spinach tortilla ($8.50).


If you want to splurge, the more decadent choices at Blue Lemon are still made with fresh, mostly local ingredients and the portion sizes are for normal humans, not sumo wrestlers. The berry orange crepes are fantastic, light and delicate, filled with orange zested sweet crème, topped with fresh berry orange compote and a mint coulis. $7


Blue Lemon doesn’t have an “après” scene. They don’t serve alcohol and it isn’t really a place to linger, because the food comes out unfathomably fast. The other night, my husband and I ordered at 8:10 pm. Our iron-seared chicken with fire-roasted artichoke hearts, with sautéed spinach in a red pepper cream sauce ($11.50. Delicious!), and seared Ponzu-glazed Ahi tuna atop edamame wild rice with sautéed vegetables ($12.00. Flavorful!) were served by 8:17. Our meals were hot, the proteins were tender and tasty, everything cooked perfectly.


At Blue Lemon, the setting is bright, the decor is fresh and modern, the service is fantastic and the prices are low. It can't be beat!