Music and hiking...Deer Valley's summer style

By Mountain Mama Aug 12, 2014
Much like a day skiing at Deer Valley in the winter, summer is no different. The service is top notch, the views are beautiful, the food is excellent and the choice of concerts is a treat. We spent a day on the hiking trails and a night under the stars listening to music with great food. Just another reason to visit Utah during the off season.
Music and hiking...Deer Valley's summer style

Deer Valley is all about great service and a great atmosphere.  In winter or summer, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful, relaxing day.  I'm such a fan of summer since I love the heat and am a big hiker.  Besides, it is a great way to keep in shape for skiing and gets you out of the heat of the Salt Lake Valley.

Deer Valley is known for some awesome mountain biking trails.  If you have never mountain biked, I would suggest doing a lesson.  The trails are steep and fast with some sharp turns.  It's not the same as taking a leisurely ride in your neighborhood, this is some great downhill for those that are ready.  I am not a great biker and have done the trails, but you need to make sure you have the right size bike for you and know what you're doing.  There are bikes to rent and lessons to take-probably a good idea for beginners.

If you like to hike, there are miles of great hiking trails.  You can either park at the Snow Park Lodge at the base or at the mid mountain area around Silver Lake.  I like the Snow Park area because you have a choice of 2 very long chairlift rides which are also very scenic.  We took the Silver Lake Express from Snow Park and then hopped onto the Sterling Express lift at Silver Lake.  This brings you to the top of the Bald Mountain area where many of the hikes and mountain bike trails start.  You can either take a long, fairly easy hike from the top by following the Ontario Canyon trail.  In case you're wondering, no, the bikes do not ride on the hiking trails.  If you would rather just pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the views at the top, you can ride the lift back down.  Make sure to pack plenty of water and have sturdy hiking shoes as there are rocks on the trails.  I prefer either a light hiking boot or a sturdy hiking shoe since it makes it easier on your feet.  My kids have hiked with boots for years and it gives them much more ankle support.  If you run low on water, there are jugs of water at the top of the lift where you can refill your bottle.  Bring your camera as it is a great spot to get that Christmas card photo.  You can see clear to the Uinta Mountains looking one direction, and to Mt Timpanogos in the other direction.  Once back to Silver Lake, if you haven't had lunch, the Royal Street Cafe is open for lunch with outdoor dining.

Evening concerts are another must do at Deer Valley.  The Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater hosts many concerts throughout the summer.  Concerts range from the Deer Valley Music Festival to free concerts on Wednesdays.  Check out the schedule online.  We had a chance to take in the Disney in Concert along with the Utah Symphony for a night filled with Disney tunes and clips from all the favorite movies.  There is the option of getting lawn seats and bringing your own blanket and chairs, or you can get reserved seating where the chairs are ready for you.  I would also suggest ordering the gourmet picnic basket!  It is filled with delicious food, and there is even one specifically for the kids with their own menu.  My kids had "sushi rolls" which were tiny peanut butter and jelly and turkey/cheese sandwiches cut into rolls.  A way to make the little guys feel special with their own bag and lunch.  If you'd like to pack your own lunch, coolers are allowed to bring whatever you'd like.  Another tip...bring a jacket.  Remember, you're in the mountains and no matter how toasty it is in the day, the temps drop when that sun sets.

And...the sun is setting on our summer as I am 5 days away from the start of school.  I will still get in those last few hikes and look forward to another exciting year of skiing!