My Favorite Opening Week Videos

By Sideways Stories Dec 6, 2016
A curated selection of some of my favorite videos from around the state that were made during our first week of the winter season. Plus, a mention of the "Ride Local First" video that was filmed entirely in the Ogden area.
My Favorite Opening Week Videos

Someone listened to our pleas, our begging, our wishes and hopes. And once all of that got to be too much, that certain someone flipped the switch and winter fell upon us with a vengeance. With snow totals in the feet department, resorts all over state have opened their runs and the surrounding backcountry is being tested by snowboarders with unreal results.

Since everyone is a de-facto videographer these days, the internet has been flooded with clips of snow-starved shredders getting after it this week.  

What would an opening week be with out a smattering of video clips and edits that only further affirm how prime the riding conditions have been over the past several days?

From what I have been able to watch and digest, I have come up with a selection of edits that have helped put me in the mood to get after it up on the hill.

This first edit is of some the the DANG Shades team sessioning the Bone Zone park at Brighton. The level of the riding is mental for this early in the season. Featured riders include: Chris Beresford, Ted Borland, Chris Grenier and Chris Brewster, with filming by John Stark.

Utah Legends JP Walker and Jeremy Jones are showing no signs of slowing down judging by their pre-season set up at "The Spot" at Brighton Resort.

The powder in the Wasatch backcountry has been all time for an opening week. Local riders and Burton employees Alex Andrews and Trevor Brady have been busy with their splitboards in recent days and it looks like mid-winter conditions. If you are looking for a little extra motivation to go out for a walk in the mountains, just watch this quick edit.

Powder Mountain has also been benefiting well from this latest storm. Just wait for the final slash in this edit. That is a damn fine turn!

 Of course these guys would get first tracks up at Snowbird on November 30th. Jack Dawe, Louie Vito and Erik Overson got a solid taste of flavor country while filming this through Peruvian Gulch.

While we are on the topic of local snowboarding, I want to take this opportunity to let you all know about this great video that was produced entirely in and around Ogden, Utah. "Ride Local First"was filmed and edited by Bryden Bowley with a talented group of riders from the town up north. These guys have dedicated themselves to exploring their local area and showing that there is really great snowboarding right out their backdoor. It was also supported by great local businesses lie Lucky Slice Pizza, Cross Roads Boardshop and Snowbasin Resort. Here is their teaser for your enjoyment and be sure to keep an eye out for the full length film.

For it only being the first week of December, the level of snowboarding that has been going on around Utah is nothing short of impressive. At this rate, I have a feeling that the blog will have no shortage of quality snowboarding to share with you all.