My Girlfriend learned to ski. Look out Park City!

By Powderhound Matt Dec 19, 2012
Want to learn how to ski? Take lessons, they actually work!
My Girlfriend learned to ski. Look out Park City!

As I’m writing this... it’s nuking in Park City, and we’re supposed to get an additional 6-12 inches on top of the couple of feet we’ve already gotten this weekend! Wait... did I just really say that?? This isn’t Matt... it’s Kim... and yes, I’m ready to wake up in the morning and ski.

So how did the Texas girl, who just days ago had NEVER been on a set of skis, much less tried to go down a mountain get to this point? Let me explain.

It started with a program called “startNOW.” Park City Mountain Resort offers a certain number of locals this program. It consists of 5 ski lessons (complete with rentals) at a discounted price. The hope, we’ll fall in love with the sport... and become yearly season pass holders. Well, it worked. I bought my pass today.

As you’ll see in the video... when I started... calling me an awkward duck would have been a compliment. I’m not exactly coordinated... actually I’m a total klutz. Thankfully, I’m determined, and I had GREAT instructors!

I specifically want to mention Derek, Ed and Karl... these three guys not only had extreme patience, they took the time (each in their own way) to make me understand what I was doing wrong, and how I could fix it.  I also spent one day at Snowbasin, where instructors Stew and Kendra made a day on the slopes relaxed and fun... something I greatly needed after a challenging day number two. Kendra even showed us the proper way to look “cool” according to Matt. No longer can he call me a goober.

Did I ever get frustrated? OF COURSE! Were there times where I thought maybe skiing wasn’t for me? Sure! But... any of you out there thinking of trying this sport for the first time, just know, persistence and patience pays off. If I can do this... trust me, ANYONE can!

So... day 7 starts Tuesday morning. I’ll be on my own, no instructor, on fresh snow... and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

If you're new to the sport like me, there are plenty of ways to learn affordably. Don't forget that January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month. Plenty of awesome deals for new skiers across the country during the month of January.