Name this Greatest Snowflake on Earth Contest

By Kendall Nov 4, 2008
Name this Greatest Snowflake on Earth Contest

If you’re like a lot of snowriders these days you’re bound to a desk more than not and staring at a computer more than you’d like. If this is the case for you like it has been for me this past season, the stoke meter often reaches all time lows when the man has you under his thumb and it’s dumping outside.

I was over at the Life Elevated micro site killing time today watching the Greatest Snow on Earth videos for the 37th time this week and decided to download the desktop widget to check it out. Perhaps this will ease my pain during the winter, perhaps it’ll increase it.

Regardless, the download is simple and in my case I needed a new flash program which also loaded pretty fast for me. Now I’m staring at this guy (screen shot from my desktop) all day waiting for the numbers to fill in.

ski-utah-snowreport-widget (ski-utah-snowreport-widget)

Once in a while he moves around, glancing at the report.

Now when it snows and I have the unfortunate situation of being tied to this computer I’ll watch this guy and the rolling report as I get stoked planning the attack for my next powder day.



After downloading the widget, stare long and hard at this snowflake and come up with a name for him. Then enter it here as a comment.

On Friday, November 14 we’ll pick a winner who’ll get a pile of Ski Utah swag!