New Openings at The Canyons

By Tim Roberts Dec 2, 2006

Today we skied The Canyons for another blue bird POW day. It’s been blue bird for a few days now. There are some nice POW stashes out there thanks to a little new snow last night and new lifts open at The Canyons. The wind has also filled in the ruts with snow, allowing skied up terrain to remain soft and smooth. The wind also filled in gullies making them really soft as well. Most of the snow from the big storm has settled making it less deep. It’s a little faster but still creamy snow. Some of the best snow was in the Tube off the Short Cut lift. The Tube didn’t have a track in it my first run down it today. Aaron Broege said, “That was the best run I’ve had so far this year.” Condor also had good skiing off it as well. Most of the runs over there kept getting filled in from the wind. There were still a few early season obstacles. Sandy, the Snow Bunny promised, “The best stuff is still to come.” With new openings yesterday and little traffic the skiing is good at The Canyons right now.