New snow on downhill run

By Ray Grass Apr 16, 2010
Resorts are closing with lots of snow

    What a way to begin the meltdown. Some resorts have closed, more will in the next few days. All this after receiving more than seven feet of new snow within six-day period last week. 

    I skied Deer Valley on its final weekend. I’m hoping to ski Park City Mountain Resort before it closes Sunday. It was supposed to close with Deer Valley, but skiing was so good it extended a week. 

    Grandkids came in from India for spring vacation. Snow, cold and skiing were tops on their list. It’s blazing hot in India right now, so cooler day were definitely enjoyed. Skiing proved to be “the best,’’ said 7-year-old Sophie. She skied a day last year for the first time and after a wobbly start this year she picked up where she left off and was on her own the rest of the day. Five-year-old Ian, his second time on skis, also spent the day skiing on his own. Even three-year-old Olivia made a few wobbly runs. 

     Funny how locals take the snow and cooler days for granted. 

     And those from more tropical climates find cooler days and snow intriguing. 

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that I started the season skiing under the lights at Sundance. But, it was more than four months ago to be exact. 

    A lot of runs have passed since. And I met a lot of people between runs, riding up the lifts. That’s something I really enjoy, talking to people on the lift.

    Most, I would say, were from outside Utah. Just happened that way.

    A man from Texas brought his family to Deer Valley for the seventh straight year, put them in classes, including his wife, and was off making as many runs during the classes as he could.

    Then there was the man who came into Utah for March Madness. The downside was Syracuse lost. The upside was he discovered Utah skiing. His ski vacations had always been in California, “until now.’’ 

     I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the story on how skiers have suddenly discovered Utah. 

    Always having great ski conditions is probably the main reason I’ve heard for people returning. 

    Accessibility is another common response. Where else can you land, take a 30 minute drive and be at the base of seven world-class resorts.

    A couple from Florida liked the skiing, but said they enjoyed the food just as much. Utah resorts do offer some delicious meals. I mentioned it early in the season. That is, being able to sit down to a gourmet meal instead of the old standby of a dry hamburger and greasy fries. 

    To the local, me, it’s commonplace. Expected, if you will, the skiing, the accessibility, the food.

    I’ll miss skiing when it ends, which won’t be for several more weeks. Snowbird, thanks to the seven-foot covering, will stay open through Memorial Day. 

      At the start of the season I snoozed a little, thinking the skiing would never end. And now that it’s coming to a close I’m in a rush to get in as many runs as possible. 

    I really enjoy spring skiing and am trying to free up the schedule, and it’s looking good right now. We’ll see.