Night Riding at Brighton

By Tim Roberts Mar 17, 2008

Maybe it's the East Coaster in me, but, I love night riding. There's just something about being out in the evening with the lights on that make snowboarding so much fun. When I was a kid it was all about night riding. I grew up in Virginia and I would estimate that I probably did about 80% of my snowboarding at night in those days. We'd get out of school and head straight for the mountain, an hour and a half drive. We'd ride in the cold until they shut the chair down. It always felt like an adventure. Especially if you've ever tried to ride off trail in Virginia at night.

Now that I live in Utah, I haven't given up on night riding. And I've always wondered why more Utahans don't do it. Especially because here in Utah we've got something that Virginia never had, POWDER. On Thursday night we got a nice dose of the real thing. After work (yes is a full time job) I met up with a couple of buddies with Brighton passes and headed for the hills. We arrived to find a good 6 inches of creamy springtime pow in the parking lot and more nuking down from the heavens. With the new early Day Light Savings time shift, it's light out until almost 8 o'clock and we happily rode the trees in Wren Hollow, Mary's, and off of Crest until the way past dusk. Because of the low hanging clouds, the lights on the runs was refracting everywhere and we kept riding the trees until dark.

Now, if you can get off work and shred powder until 9 o'clock why wouldn't you? Then of course there is also the added bonus of heading to Molly Greens after the lifts have closed, tilting back a couple of pints, and enjoying a plate of their fine nachos. See you under the lights.