November 17th Solitude Opening Day

By Tim Roberts Nov 17, 2006
November 17th Solitude Opening Day

Today Solitude opened with three lifts. We found the best skiing off the Apex lift. At the top of Apex there was a gate you could tour out of to find untracked snow. The coverage was thin, but there was good snow that we were happy to hike to. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the top. On the way up, my friend KC took this picture of a sheep that looked pretty comfortable until we got a little too close. When it started pawing at the snow, we decided to move along.

solitude-sheep (solitude-sheep)

We got to the top and skied a run called Paradise which offered untracked settled powder. The snow was good and skied really smooth at the top. As you lose elevation coverage becomes a bit thin in the early season. We also found untracked snow without having to hike. Out the gate to the left and straight back along the rope offered untracked snow with thin coverage. Once you pass the gate you can pretty much ski whatever you want as long as you don't duck a
rope. We weren't sure what patrol was going to say when we traversed right back towards Apex on the other side of the rope instead of doing the hike. We went right by the patrol shack and noticed two patrollers who didn't stop us, so they must have wanted us to ski it. If you don't mind dodging some rocks, there are great powder shots if you
look for them. Otherwise, you can cruise the groomers off Apex and MoonBeam. After another good dump, hopefully they will open Honeycomb and it will really be on!