One Bourbon, One Vodka, One Gin

By Pam's Plate Mar 27, 2015
Roll Out the Barrel: New Sippers from Utah’s Distillers
One Bourbon, One Vodka, One Gin

It was the best of times, it was the “worst” of times? In terms of snowfall, it’s no secret that 2015 is going down as one of the worst years on record. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t ski or have a good time. We’ve skied and ridden every inch of findable stash and terrain. The base held up well, little sleeper storms adding a layer here and there while we scanned the horizons, craving for more. And, it’s not over. With a glass of one of these new spirits in hand, we can sip and celebrate our good days, contemplate the rest and toast the best-ever powder days… to come.


High West Distillery in Park City, now famous as the world’s only ski-in distillery and gastro-saloon, just released a new American Prairie Bourbon, a blend of 2-, 6- and 13-year-old straight bourbons. The blend is named after a project in northeastern Montana to assemble the largest wildlife reserve in the Lower 48, 5,000 square miles of protected habitat for elk, pronghorn, sage grouse, prairie dogs and a growing bison herd, toward which High West donates ten percent of profits from the bourbon. In a glass, the compilation swirls on the tongue with “honey nougat, candy corns, sweet corn bread biscuits, Juicy Fruit gum and caramel apples with a dose of cinnamon spice and a long, sweet finish.” If you can get all that, you have one fine palate.

New from Beehive Distilling, a company that got major buzz over its first release, Jack Rabbit Gin, is the Barrel Reserve Gin. “We wanted to do something unique and stay with a gin theme,” says Beehive’s Chris Barlow. Barlow deconstructs used Chardonnay barrels, chars the inside, then puts them back together. “After swelling them we put the gin in for about 9 months. It really gets a nice mellow flavor that brings out a lot of the vanilla, honey and nutty flavors you would associate with whiskeys.” Barlow suggests trying the Barrel Reserve in an Old Fashioned or a Martinez. The reserve was limited as it had to go through the aging process, but will be widely available soon as new generations become ready.

Sugar House Distilling was established in late 2013, but it’s still new to a lot of people. Makers of vodka distilled from pure Wasatch Mountain water, Sugar House Distillery is the third smallest batch distillery in Utah (since the 1800s when Utah had countless distillers) and the first privately owned liquor store in South Salt Lake since prohibition; it’s called a “package store,” meaning you can purchase the vodka at the distillery (2212 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City), but it is also available at all Utah liquor stores. The distillers at Sugar House tout their ultra-premium spirit for its blend of local products including wheat, barley and corn.

Also Try: Ogden’s Own, makers of Five Wives Vodka and Underground Herbal Spirit. Available in liquor and wine stores and the distillery, 3075 Grant Ave, Ogden, 801-458-1995.