"One Hit Wonder" Sat. April 9 at Brighton Ski Resort

By Ride Utah Apr 4, 2011
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"One Hit Wonder" Sat. April 9 at Brighton Ski Resort

One Hit Small (one-hit-small)Save the overall impression for when you are pissing your bibs in the coral of some sanctioned spectacle. Now SNOWBOARDER is launching a series of events just for the huck of it. That’s right. The One Hit Wonder Tour is a unique new showdown specifically tailored to those riders who consider combos a snack and the act of linking tricks thinking too far ahead. Just as this format has been simplified to reward gusto over strategy the setup is also, ahem, one of a kind. Instead of a series of obstacles combining for an elaborate course The One Hit Wonder Tour focuses on a single multi-option feature which will allows riders to distinguish themselves via creativity as opposed to consistency. This creation can be a dual sided hip, hubba, a-frame wall or shark infested pond skimmer. In other words anything goes on the slope as well as above it.

Like our successful Superpass series each One Hit Wonder stop is free but only open to the first 50 registrants. This means arrive early and ready to ride. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian onhand to sign release forms and huck buckets, aka, helmets, aren’t an option, they are MANDATORY!

One Hit Wonder Summary:
50-rider field on a first come first serve registration basis
9:00am – 10:00am Registration
10:30am – 12:30pm Two-hour Jam
12:45pm Finalists announced
1:30pm – 2:00pm Half-hour Final Jam with top 5 from semi’s
2:30pm Awards Presentation
Course – One multi option feature – wallride, hitching post, stairset, hip, quarterpipe etc…
3 Judges
Judging is based on single best tricks of each Jam
Helmets Are Required!

9:00 am Registration – Milly Lodge
(Field limited to the first 50 riders to register.)