One lift - One amazing morning at Park City Mountain Resort

By Powderhound Matt Dec 21, 2010
The storm continues one dumping another two feet overnight. Skiing some awesome powder off the Pioneer lift at Park City Mountain Resort.

One lift, one amazing morning...

I have to admit, as a Park City local I have always overlooked the terrain accessed by the Pioneer Lift at Park City Mountain Resort. I've always used it as a gateway to Jupiter or a time killer while Ski Patrol prepares to open McConkey's lift. Well, NEVER AGAIN! On Sunday night, I went to bed kind of depressed. After a great day of skiing powder at Canyons, our snowflakes turned to rain drops and I have to admit I was feeling kind of crushed. What I awoke to 6 hours later was just ridiculous! Rain changed back to snow during the night and it must have been hammering because even down here at 7,000 feet there was a solid 10 inches of snow. Back in Jupiter Bowl, they were reporting close to 30 inches on top of the foot from the day before and obviously there, there wasn't a raindrop to be found back there. Due to the tremendous snowfall and some icing, lift operations were limited during the morning hours. Now normally in a situation like this, I would have freaked out but for some reason today I kept it in check. Maybe because I know that the Park City Ski Patrol is always on the ball. Those guys and gals do everything and anything to make sure we can get out and ski our favorite shots, so hats off to you folks! Now because the terrain was so limited this morning and I had to hustle to be into work by noon, I was forced to ski the old reliable Pioneer lift and my God did it deliver. Never have I had so many face shots at that altitude period. Take a look for yourself, go ahead count the face shots! Remember all of this terrain is easily accessed by the Pioneer Lift.