Opening day at Brighton

By Mountain Mama Nov 16, 2012
In the next 2 weeks, most of the Utah Resorts will start their chairs for the opening of the season. With one of the best openings in years, we headed to Brighton which was the first resort to open. After all, Brennan has been wearing his boardy boots for most of the summer already; time to get them snowy!

It is the moment we've all waited for...1st day of the season!  I think Brennan has been waiting since last spring, so here we go.  I think the question I ready?  Moms, you know what I'm talking about.  The preparation to head out the door takes awhile and the first day...hours.

Me preparing checklist:

Do the helmets have the right setting?

Do the socks still fit?

What "glubs" do we use?  This is still the worst challenge I have.  For another blog, the $$ I've spent on mittens and gloves is crazy!

Why are these shirt sleeves so short?

Oops...forgot to wax the skis, oh well..

And....the snacks... As a Mom, you travel with a cooler at all times.  I always keep a 12 pack of water in the car, wipes, extra blanket and will have to add a change of clothes.  Snacks in the pockets of ski coats very important!  I go for granola bars, peanuts or nut mix, fruit chews, cliff bars for kids.  In the cooler; grapes, cheese, gugurts, jelly sandwiches.

I'm enclosing a photo of the back of my car...along with their "mascots" this year.  Clarice from Build a Bear and Brennan got a Build a Bear with his own snowboard and nearly matching jacket.  It is sunny and warm and as we get 1/2 way up the canyon I hear..."I don't feel very good". "WHAT?"  It took how many hours to get ready...oh well, keep going.  The parking lot is jammed, but the beauty of Brighton is I can always sneak to the front somehow and park close.  Out we get, Brennan stands in the back of the car and yep...he really doesn't feel good, but at least he waited until we got out of the car.  The beauty of kids, not always scripted.  He has some water and grapes (see, good I had tons of stuff packed) and tells me he's a litttle shaky but good to go.  That's a true boarder.

I've forgotton how much work to carry all this stuff!  Brennan got a new snowboard over the summer.  He is now on his second board at 5 years old!  We've upgraded to the 90 cm!  Wow! 

Powderhound Matt is up as well, so we hook up with him on the top of Majestic Lift.  Not until after we get off the lift and I'm sweating trying to handle the first run with a little snowboarder on a longer board and an inch in growth do I realize "how to get down".  Emily is already in rare form and ready to go!  I could cry at her confidence, so no worries there.  Matt helps Bren as he is getting going.  All I can do is yell "lean back on your heels".  Like thats a help.  So, down we go...somehow...and decide best if Bren takes a few runs with an instructor.  Don't get me started on Brightons lesssons.  Will do more on that later.  They are awesome and low key... All about the low key with kids.  Bren ends up with Sky as his instructor who informs me he coached his nephew into being a national champ at snowboarding....SCORE.

Emily and I take a few runs from the top of the mountain and just like that...the ski legs are back and once again...Emily is better than I am.

Looking forward to a great season.  Emily told me she wants to ski once at every resort, so that is our goal. 

Some things I will cover this season will be continuing with lessons-how to know if your child is ready to move on, gear dos and dont's, the continued quest for the right "glubs", extra activities for families in the off time of ski vacations, behind the scenes with grooming machines...

If you have some topics you'd like me to check out, please let me know!!